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Plastic PET bottle shredder machine

Item Description

Plastic crusher utilized in waste plastic recycling&comma for PET bottles&comma PE&solPP movie&comma luggage&comma HDPE pipe&comma PVC profile&comma PS profile&comma CZPT of plastic merchandise&time period

As restrieving unit for plastic the equipment is appropriate for crushing waste of CZPT plastics and defective plastic runners to plastic granules&period of time

1&period Adopting deafener minimal in sound&period of time

two&interval Adopting detachable bits which can be separately taken off and sharpened after getting blunt&period

three&interval Suitable for smashing all sorts of gentle&comma tough and fashioned plastics&interval

The PET CZPT Crushing CZPT &solCrusher using CZPT pean CZPT d engineering&comma economic&comma durable&comma effortless to thoroughly clean&comma CZPT daily life&comma and a lot of other rewards&interval Even though providing a package deal of auxiliary tools&comma this kind of as blowers&comma suction unit&comma conveyor belts&comma etc&time period
one&comma Reducing Chamber&colon The cutting chambers are totally made of higher hardness metal &lparthickness&colon 30mm&rpar fine floor just before assembly&period of time CZPT existence is ensured by the use of weighty wall thickness and substantial quality materials that will not contaminate the material currently being ground&period The design and style allows for easy disassembly&comma fix&comma and maintenance&interval
two&comma Knives&colon Knife with “V”-variety slicing&comma even chopping material&comma decreasing strength consumption&comma lessen sound&comma the knife is quite hassle-free loading and unloading&period of time The knives are made sort large W18Cr4V for large toughness&comma highest breakage resistancd&comma and toughness&time period The design for straightforward substitution&period of time
three&comma Rotor&colon Rotors are manufactured of the finest materials &lpar40Cr&rpar for toughness and cautiously balanced for secure working&period of time The “V” shaped rotor knives are easy to modify and generate a regular particle measurement&period
four&comma CZPT Pulley&colon The pulleys are equipped to the rotor shaft with taper lock bushings for greatest stability&time period The inertia impact of the huge pulley assures regular&comma reliable operation even though the taper lock mounting gives ease of servicing&period
five&comma Display screen&colon The CZPT life screens are possibly machined from higher CZPT materials or formed from large grade plate as needed&time period Several different hole dimensions are provided and easy change enable you to tailor the machine to your wants&period
Our capability is from 300kg&solh to 1500kg&solh&period

Design Electrical power &lparKW&rpar Chamber Dimension &lparmm&rpar Motive Cohopper &lparpiece&rpar Static Chopper &lparpiece&rpar Capacity Kg&solh Rotary CZPT &lparR&solmin&rpar Display screen Dimensions &lparmm&rpar Equipment Size &lparcm&rpar Weight &lparkg&rpar
Computer-180E two&period2 Φ 150× 180× 200 3× 2 2 a hundred-one hundred fifty 480 Φ 6 62× 58× eighty five one hundred
Laptop-230E 4 Φ 215× 230× 215 3× two 2 one hundred thirty-200 800 Φ 8 100× 70× one zero five 340
Personal computer-300E 5&period5 Φ 235× 300× 220 3× 3 two 220-300 seven-hundred Φ ten 110× 80× a hundred and twenty 480
Pc-400E 7&period5 Φ 260× 405× 270 3× four 2 four hundred-600 580 Φ ten 140× 80× a hundred and forty 660
ten 5&period5 Φ 260× 365× 270 3× 7 two four hundred-600 580 Φ 10 125× 85× 135 600
Computer-500E 11-7&period5 Φ 290× 520× 320 3× 5 4 460-650 540 Φ ten 140× 100× a hundred sixty five 870
Computer-600E 15 Φ 310× 610× 340 3× six 4 600-800 530 Φ 10 145× 125× 172 1571
Pc-800E 22 Φ 410× 810× 480 3× 8 four 800-one thousand 430 Φ 12 150× 140× one hundred eighty 2000
Computer-1000E forty five Φ 520× 1571× 660 3× four 6 1000-1300 four hundred Φ twelve 190× 150× 200 3000

Any issue&commaplease call me&period 
MOB&waspp&colon &plus86~thirteen 0571 88828 1385811777877324

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